Sonic Small World


Sonic Small World is a small 3D Sonic fangame for Windows (I've been told it also runs with Wine).

Features/ Controls

The game features 3D movement with rolling physics. Sonic's moveset includes jumping, rolling, Spin Dash and Insta-Shield.

You can play either with the keyboard, keyboard+mouse or with a controller. The defaults controls for the keyboard are as follow (all keys can be reconfigured in the Setup program):

- arrow keys to move
- Shift to jump / perform Insta-Shield (during a jump)
- Spacebar to roll/unroll (when moving) / charge Spin Dash (when standing still) / activate invincibility (during a jump, if you have an invincibility available)
- 'C' key to center the camera. Hold the 'C' key and use the arrow keys to move the camera

With the mouse, the controls are:

- move the mouse to move the camera
- left click to jump / perform Insta-Shield
- right click to roll/unroll

The game's default resolution is 800x600, but you can change it to any resolution. There is no fullscreen mode however.

Important: if the game is running too slowly on your computer, launch the Setup program and try to change the graphic options.

Additional information

Sonic Small World is made by Core (also known as Kentilan). I'm a hobbyist C programmer and I also made a few NiGHTS fangames.

Sonic Small World is entirely coded in C, without using an existing engine. I'm making all the programing and level design alone, but the most of the resources used (models, animations, textures, sounds) have been ripped from various official Sonic games. The music has been composed for this game by Ayling.

If you want to contact me (Core), send an email to

Sonic the Hedgehog and everything related is the property of SEGA. This fangame is unofficial.